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Step and Repeat Banners, Size Does Matter!

What is the best size for a Step and Repeat? Good question! There is a science to understanding the best scale for your event. Every day we are asked this question and the answer is generally speaking the rule of thumb is 2 feet per person. So that means if you are photographing 1 person […]

Do I Need A Step And Repeat?

step and repeat, backdrop, red carpet event

Are you wondering if you need a step and repeat for your event? Short answer, yes! A step and repeat backdrop is always a good idea for any event, no matter how big or small. Branding is one of the most important aspects when a company is putting on an event. A step and repeat […]

Media Wall vs Step and Repeat vs Logo Walls

Step and Repeat Example 2

You’ve come for the nitty gritty distinctions between the step and repeat, the media wall, and the logo wall. Each one of these is a variation on the backdrops erected at the end of the red carpet for celebrities during major events, like the Oscar’s or Grammy’s, and is often a way to advertise a […]

A History of Step and Repeats In Hollywood

Step and Repeat in Hollywood

You may be familiar with the phrase “Rinse, Lather, Repeat.” But do you know about “Step and Repeats?” It is likely you have seen Step and Repeat graphics dozens of times without actually being aware that every day you are subliminally being exposed to logos, graphics and phrases that quietly promote companies, products and brands. […]